Good news - Hisern won 3 excellent industrial products in Zhejiang Province


Good news - Hisern won 3 excellent industrial products in Zhejiang Province

A few days ago, Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Product Selection Committee announced the list of "2021 Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products". Hisern’s "Anesthetic video laryngoscope", "Disposable anesthesia puncture kit (resistance to bending type)", "Disposable Duo-limb Anesthesia Circuit" won the "Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Product Certificate".



"Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products" is a brand and quality "golden card" created by Zhejiang Federation of Industrial Economics and 65 provincial industry associations, prefecture and municipal enterprise associations, entrepreneur associations and industrial Economic associations in order to promote the construction of high-end products and advanced manufacturing collaborative innovation ecosystem.


The selection has undergone rigorous preliminary selection, expert review, final selection, publicity and other procedures.


Winning this award means thatHisern’s products have been highly recognized by the society in terms of quality, innovation, professionalism, and market prospects, which effectively promotes the corporate brand image,increases corporate visibility and market competitiveness.



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