• We are together fighting against the epidemic!

    On December 17, Hisern medical responded to the call of the central, provincial and municipal committees to fight against the epidemic, gave full play to the purpose of party members first, and actively organized party members to participate in the a

  • Good news - Hisern won 3 excellent industrial products in Zhejiang Province

    A few days ago, Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Product Selection Committee announced the list of "2021 Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Products". Hisern’s "Anesthetic video laryngoscope", "Disposable anesthesia puncture kit (resistance to bending type)"

  • How to choose a high-performance filter during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Since the outbreak of the new crown in early 2020, more than 100 million people have been diagnosed globally and more than 3 million people have lost their lives. The global crisis triggered by COVID-19 has penetrated into all aspects of our medical

  • Specific type of Endotracheal Tube

    Most endotracheal tubes today are made of polyvinyl chloride, but special tubes made of silicone rubber, latex rubber, or stainless steel are also widely used. Most tubes have an inflatable cuff that seals the trachea and bronchial tree to prevent ai

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