We are together fighting against the epidemic!


Since the outbreak of the epidemic in ShangyuDistrict, Shaoxing City, it has touched the hearts of people all over China. As a member of the medical industry, Hisern medical is duty-bound to make efforts to fight against the epidemic.

On December 17, Hisern medical responded to the call of the central, provincial and municipal committees to fight against the epidemic, gave full play to the purpose of party members first, and actively organized party members to participate in the activities of volunteers.

Party branch volunteer teams assisted in nucleic acid testing at Doumen Health Center and also the temporary nucleic acid testing site on Yangwang Road, and in Xiyan Village.

Comrade Zhang Hailing, who lives in ShangyuDistrict which is under lockdown, is unable to return to the office of the company. Under the condition of ensuring her own safety, she actively participates in the work of community volunteers, responsible for data statistics, guiding the daily nucleic acid testing work of medical nurses, and distributing living materials and garbage removal for the residents of the whole building, fully demonstrating the pioneering and exemplary role of party members.

No one can stay away from the epidemic prevention and control, it is a war without gunpowder. Hisern Medical will work together with all walks of life to win the epidemic prevention and control battle together. May the winter not be cold, you and I are safe.

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